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My name is Lauren and over the past few years healthy living has become a passion of mine. I graduated with a BA from the University of Western Ontario in 2005. A few years after graduating, I felt the need to pursue my passion and enrolled in the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition. As a Registered Nutritionist, I find myself constantly wanting to share healthy recipes and tips with my husband, family & friends, so I decided to write a blog.

To my future blog subscribers: I hope to educate you about nutrition, share my own personal health & fitness tips & recipes, and help you make healthy changes to start living a healthy lifestyle.

Kayaking with Fisher at our family cottage in Quebec!

Celebrating our wedding anniversary in Colombia!

Staying warm in the Colombian mountains

Holiday in Spain

Honeymooning in South of France

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Disclaimer: This blog reflects my view point, and not the view point of CSNN or those therein.


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Lauren January 6, 2011 at 11:52 am

Thanks Ash! I’m happy to hear that you’re going to start working out in the am. I have been doing this for years and it’s great for many reasons. When you work out in the morning it gives you more energy for the day, boosts your metabolism so you burn more calories throughout the day, and because working out releases endorphins (similar to that in anti-depressent meds) you start your day in a good mood! I also find a 45-60 minute morning workout allows me to be more focused at work; I feel less foggy and find I am more productive.
It takes a few weeks to get into the routine of getting up early, and you will probably feel quite tired tomorrow morning, but your body will eventually adjust. A good tip for morning workouts is have your gym clothes ready the night before, and put them close to your bed. When your alarm goes off, get up and right away put your gym clothes on. That way you won’t be tempted to go back to bed (which can be very tempting in the winter months!). As you go through the rest of your morning routine you’ll start to feel more awake. And yes, I would recommend eating a little something before the gym. I would suggest something that combines fibre & protein – to keep you full and to last throughout your workout. I usually have a small yogurt with a few spoons of bran buds mixed in.
Good luck tomorrow morning!!


Irene November 8, 2012 at 11:31 pm

Hi there, just wanted to send you a quick message….

I came across your website by sheer accident, but one of your posts caught my attention. Since that moment I’ve been hooked…reading all the amazing recipes, info and advise you provide.

Keep up the great work! I’m love it!



Lauren November 9, 2012 at 7:47 am

Thank you for the positive feedback! That’s always so nice to hear, and I’m glad you enjoy my posts – have a great day!


Kelvin Mak March 20, 2015 at 4:53 am

Hi Lauren!

I’m Kelvin and I’m thinking about attending CSNN Toronto to become an RHN, and I was wondering if I can ask you a few questions about the program.

If you don’t mind sparing a few minutes I’d love to send them over to you (won’t take long, I promise)!




Lauren March 20, 2015 at 10:56 am

Hi Kelvin,
Of course, no problem! Send me your questions to laurenmfollett@gmail.com


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