It’s that time of year again!

by Lauren on November 16, 2011


Yes, Christmas is coming, but almost just as exciting – it’s Maroc Clementine season again! The smell of peeling those little oranges really makes it feel like the Christmas season is officially here.

The thing I love about these little oranges is that they are a H.E.Y snack (healthy, easy, yummy). Just pop a couple in your purse for work, Christmas shopping, or a pre-gym snack – they are easy to peel, 46 calories each, high in flavanoids, vitamin C, calcium & fibre. Enjoy them with a handful of nuts & seeds and you have yourself a high fibre/protein snack.

Also, everyone loves them – so they usually make an appearance at holiday parties and around the office. Choose a clementine instead of high sugar, high fat choices, and keep your weight under control this holiday season. The average person gains about 10 lbs during the holidays, so it’s important to be aware of healthy choices for your upcoming parties.

Veggies & dip, fruit, shrimp cocktail, chicken skewers, cheese & nuts (fats in moderation) are all good choices. A good rule of thumb for choosing healthy appetizers: choose bright coloured foods, and avoid anything brown – this usually means it’s deep-fried and no good.

Christmas also comes with a lot of baked goods, and it’s important that you don’t deprive yourself. Choose your favourite dessert and have just one. Skim over the dessert table, eye your fav, put it on your plate, walk away & enjoy.

Alcohol also flows like water this time of year, so go into the party with a drink strategy – cut yourself off after 2 drinks. You don’t need the extra calories, the hangover or the gossip at the office next day for being the drunk one at the party.

Cheers to a happy & healthy holiday season!

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Weight Loss Diet November 21, 2011 at 2:51 am

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your mom November 25, 2011 at 4:10 am

Love your idea of a clemmie and nuts for a snack!


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